Morrison’s are selling Snozzcumbers

To commemorate Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday the other day, supermarket Morrison’s have created the wizard (therefore quick) idea to offer the BFG’s infamous Snozzcumbers.

Followers of the guide and movie keeps in mind the Snozzcumbers are a fruit that quite appeared as if (you guessed it), a cucumber.

Rebecca Burns, Morrison’s primary cucumber buyer considers,”We’re bringing a small amount of the magic of Roald Dahl’s story into our stores and commemorating this modest cucumber in all its knobbly, wonky splendor. Unlike Snozzcumbers, young ones will quickly realize this range delicious– not a hint of cockroaches or slime wanglers.

The snozzcumbers cost 41p each and a contribution would be designed to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous children’s Charity for every single one provided.

If you should be maybe not partial to a Snozzcumber, we now have really also spotted Rococo’s variety of Roald Dahl chocolate bars including Bean’s Cider Milk and Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Fudge Cake. Nonetheless rush, James’ Scrumptious Peach happens to be offered out!

Walkers’ sharp sarnie club

I’m perhaps not planning rest, a couple of too many of this brand-new sandwich flavour Walkers crisps being tested at the office during the last couple of weeks.

Then when we heard that Walkers had been starting a speak simple design crisp sarnie club in London, it’s safe to express we had been just a little envious. *

Concealed behind a movable sharp rack in a newsagent in London Bridge, the club allows crisp sarnie fans to construct their sandwich from multiple breads, fillings, restricted version crisps and sauces.


The sarnie club are hidden within Chris Peter’s Information shop on Tooley Street until Sep 24 th.

Make fully sure you get your violation right here. * So envious in truth, we have opened our very own’ perhaps not so key’ B3 crisp sarnie club in the workplace this Friday, no ticket required!

Clapham common’s cat takeover

If you have actually ventured anywhere close to the south London tube station recently, you might have unearthed that there’s actually been an intrusion of furry felines.

After releasing in April, the aptly known as people advertising Takeover provider (or FELINES for quick) has actually raised a lot of money on a crowd-funding site– the goal? To give London commuters a well-earned break from the continuous advertising in the underground and alter all 68 advertisements with posters of cats!

But just what we like many about this project is that most of the felines included tend to be strays from Battersea and Cats coverage, as well as one poster starring people in the general publics’ kitties who each donated ₤ 100 to help make their animals popular. One happy owner even travelled from the united states of america to see their cats modelling starting.


Ikea’s rainy time special Some clients have presently called Ikea completely for a ‘cheap’marketing tactic … but we say it’s genius! Consumers have actually actually discovered that Ikea changes the price of its umbrellas when it’s raining outside. The Swedish furnitures store appears to do all people a favour whenever an unforeseen downpour strikes and lower the price of their Grossby umbrellas.


Regrettably, the aforementioned picture published on Reddit recommends this ‘rainy day special’ is offered in the usa so it is a decent task we’re set for typically the most popular September in 67 years!


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