About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, making Search engine optimization (SEO) available and financially feasible for the small business entity and provide them with the same online visibility as their competitors regardless of size.  We do this with the experience and persistence to reach our goals.

Description of Our Business

We are a small Mesa, Arizona based website design and search engine optimization (SEO) company.  We have a cumulative 20 years’ experience in website design and construction.  Our primary function as a company is to provide the most current techniques in SEO.  On page optimization, social signals, social citations, video marketing and reputation management.  Our techniques are proven and often updated to parallel the ever-evolving search engines. As a company working with small business we offer our services on a month to month basis.

Company Ownership/Legal Entity

The Legal Entity of our company is The Business Edge, LLC / DBA Superstition SEO.  This partnership is comprised of Charles Manos, Owner and Managing Partner and Dave DuCap, Owner and Partner.