Social Media Marketing

It isn’t an overstatement to say social media is driving search engine optimization today, right now. The exposure to be gained by your business website off the charts, if managed properly.

What is Social Media

Well, social media is simply defined as user content that is shared with Social Media sites and spread via social networking. To use a previous analogy, cute kitten video shared on YouTube. A viewer sees that cute little video on YouTube and shares it in front of their 50 friends on FaceBook. Those people share it with their friends, and so on. It doesn’t take long and that little kitten is famous!

And, YouTube and FaceBook are only two of hundreds of social sharing sites.

What do you share on social media?

Social media, you name it, you see it all the time. Someone posts about a great restaurant of Twitter. People re-tweet the post and so on. You post on your blog, someone posts about your blog on Blogger. It is simply getting the word out about your interests or your business. Get it? We leverage social media to get the word out about your business. The difference is, we make sure every one of those posts, in some way,  is linked and leads back to your website.

We use directed 2.0 authority social sites to lend authority and credibility to your business. These are not links from Jo’s Blog, these are directed links from sites such as YouTube,, Daily Motion, Pinterest and on and on! Trusted authority websites.

These sites can be an effective tool in affecting your anchor balance (Penguin Update) keeping it well within guidelines to satisfy, well, Google.

The bottom line, social media is essential in ranking a business website.

The simple basics of Social Media Marketing