Website and SEO Pricing

Persistence is the key to success to ranking any business.  With the ever changing landscape of online searches and Google’s continuous updates it is almost impossible to rank and “stick” sites on the first page of the search results without knowledge of the trends and updates.  Superstition SEO, utilizing our network of professionals, who monitor and are alert us to changes daily to stay ahead of the curve.

Unlike most SEO companies our there, we have no problem with sharing our prices up front.  There shouldn’t be any mystery, or unexpected impact on your business.  We started as a small business and understand it is important to get the best bang for your buck.  We provide our services on a simple month to month basis, no lengthy contracts.  We remain convinced that a handshake stands.  Our requirements are simple, we provide a service, you pay us for that service.  If at anytime you feel you aren’t getting what we agreed to, gives us a chance to correct it, or we part ways.

You are free to contact us at any time by email or phone should you have questions about the process.  We send monthly progress reports for just this reason.  We don’t do anything we aren’t proud of, nor is any of what we do “Black Hat” in nature. We have integrity in our business and don’t feel unless we are hands-on, we are doing our best. Unlike many SEOs, we do not outsource our services.  With the exception of large video production, which is done by a local vendor, we do everything in house.

We would be most happy to partner with you in your online presence development.

In addition to our Proprietary Ranking Method, we offer the services listed below.

  • Domain Name (included in your plan)

    We will gladly register the domain name, .com, .net, .org of your choice free for the first year of service. Thereafter you will be billed at $11 per year.  (Premium names will be priced and obtained for you at an additional cost through our partnership with

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

    You will have unlimited email accounts through your website ( for each and every member or department of your company.  Even better, the email can be forwarded directly to the email account you use now.

  • Website Platform

    Our Websites are constructed on the WordPress platform, but will not be a WordPress site.  There are no WP templates.  Our sites are designed from scratch.  If you have a site in mind that is appealing to you, or has an element we can incorporate into your site, tell us and we will do the best we can to incorporate it.  We have used other platforms in the past, but no other offers the SEO flexibility and functionality of WP and allows the site owner access at any time to add content, blog and so on. All current precautions are taken to keep your site free from hackers and spammers.

  • Website Construction / Mobile Friendly

    We charge the Industry Standard of $100 per page for site construction.  Google is clear on pages that it requires, About page, Contact Page, Terms of Service and Privacy.  There is a $500 minimum for site construction.

  • Double Powered Hacker Protection

    We install a duo of Hacker Protection software that helps to protect your site from intrusion by those who would do your website harm.  We utilize WP Guardian and OKTOshield for this service.

  • Free Hosting Account

    We provide a free hosting account for all of our new account holders in good standing

  • Keyword and Competition Analysis

    Unlike other SEO’s, we use keywords that produce great interest, not just the easy keywords they use to rank with. We analyze your competitors to determine where they excel and where they fall short. All of these statistics are combined to formulate a plan for ranking your site in the search engines

  • On-Page Optimization

    We will provide the intricate balance of interlinking, meta phrasing and insertion of appropriate keywords, and utilizing the appropriate percentage density into your content with the knowledge and know-how of how each item is required by the search engines. Proper insertions of H1, H2 and H3 tags for proper SEO.  We will insure a proper Flesch’s score for readability of your content and make sure there is no duplicate content on the web to avoid penalty from Google’s algorithms. Your content will be audited to the sentence level to guarantee compliance.

  • Geo Tagging

    Geo Tagging is a process we use and apply to all the images on your site.  This makes it much easier for the search engines to determine the location of your business.  This is extremely important for your business to show up in the search engines for local searches. There are literally billions of local searches per year!

  • Schema Markup

    When a search engine looks at your website, it reads the content on your site and tries to determine what your site is about.  With Schema Markup, we take the guesswork away from the search engines by applying an underlying explanation in terms they understand assuring they get it right.  Recently, Google has shown some preference in rankings to websites that employ Schema.

  • Blog

    Because of the ease of the WordPress platform, blogging is a simple way to keep yourself in front of your customers.  If you don’t have the time to write a blog, we can provide an auto-blogging function that will provide a drip feed of blog posts that are only relevant to your business niche. A constant feed of posts helps your website establish authority, an essential for ranking.

  • Promotion Utilizing RSS Feed

    If you decide to host a blog on your site, we can syndicate your blog posts to many platforms which will return mention of your site and link. This helps to maintain the back-linking ratio balance that must be constantly monitored to avoid Google’s Penguin penalty.

  • Establish Your Social Media Accounts

    At most basic, we will establish your Facebook and twitter accounts for you. With the Premium plans, utilizing our partnertship with Syndwire, we will enable accounts for 30 platforms including video, blog, bookmarking and PDF sites.  We will establish Google and LinkedIn accounts.

  • Citation Accounts

    Through our long standing partnership with Yext©, we can establish 55 citation accounts for your business.  Each of these sites will list your business, a description of your product or services, a local map and link back to your website.  These are high authority sites that the search engines favor and the links to your website from these accounts provide link power which helps with the ranking process.

  • Network Linking

    These are high authority, highly trusted sites from which we link to the website.  These sites are maintained and made available to Superstition SEO by our partners.

    90 sites throughout the United Kingdom and Switzerland / 100 sites throughout Australia and New Zealand / 150 sites in the United States

    These sites are privately maintained and trusted.  Links from these sites are drip-fed to the website to keep a natural appearance.  We utilize a back-linking indexer to assure each of these links are indexed by the search engines.

  • Analytics

    We will enable Google Analytics which gives you the ability to check on traffic to your website, who you are reaching by gender, by age, location and interests.  This is an outstanding tool for tailoring your site to your customer’s interests.

  • Video Production and Optimization

    We do have available video production by a local vendor (an additional charge and subject to availability), be it a short description of your business or a full blown web commercial.  In house we can optimize your video to rank for your companies keywords.  Video is generally easier to rank than a website, so they provide a great linking structure for your website which will in turn help your overall website rankings. Simple logo and slide form videos are constructed in house at a rate of $50.  We can make arrangements for professional voice over talent as well.

Basic SEO

$197 / month


$297 / month