If you are using a Google Tag Supervisor variable whoever kind is “number” to deliver information to Google Analytics, you may realize that a few of your computer data comes through as (not set), as opposed to the value you desired.

Google Analytics information

The instance above shows an event label that will be drawn in from score on a test with 5 issues. This is certainly drawn if the test is finished. There clearly was one score really missing out on– 0. Utilizing Bing Tag management debugger, i could inform that the adjustable fires through the information level as 0.

Variables in Bing Tag Manager

It generally does not appear to be( perhaps not set)or undefined.

Preceding: rating– Data Layer Variable– quantity – 0 additionally, basically look at the event shooting, the label it is drawing-in is 0. Preceding: Label – 0 using this resources, it would appear that the event label in Bing Analytics will likely to be 0. But along the technique 0 is changed to(perhaps not set). This isn’t the first occasion I’ve observed Google Tag Manager debugger reading unreliably.

TIP: whenever debugging, ensure to check the real-time information in Google Analytics after your label is real time, to ensure the information seems as predicted.

I managed to rewrite (maybe not set) to 0 by generating a brand-new look-up dining table variable which maps 0 to it self. Due to the fact that all the other ratings were working we put the default value whilst the initial score, so they would remain the same. I then used this brand-new adjustable due to the fact label for the occasion label.Event tagging in Bing Tag Manager

just what this brand-new adjustable does is transform 0 from a number to a sequence. For some aspect Google Analytics parses the quantity 0 as(not set) however the string ‘0’as 0. Examining exactly what Bing Tag Manager Debugger reveals you can observe the small difference between making use of score(

Variables in Google Tag management Debugger

number)and score string(string )as a variable. In Bing Analytics we could today browse the occasion label as 0 in place of (not set). There are some other available choices that We haven’t physically tried, such as making sure the info level variable is coded as a string to start with (unless you are using this adjustable as a metric or for some other estimations) or using a customized JavaScript adjustable to change numbers to strings. There could be other circumstances where this does occur, however the number 0 is the only instance i have discovered this happening.


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