For all SEOs, it is an agonizing sight to see.


This is exactly what you currently enter Google Search system under search analytics for questions. When Bing limited the amount of search question data available in the search console user interface to 1000 rows, there clearly was uproar, there have been tears and SEOs managed to move on, mourning the death of however more valuable keyword data. Exactly what numerous performedn’t realize had been that there ended up being always even more keyword information in the API – around 5000 rows.

Now Bing features circulated yet more search term data.

Previously this month Google updated it’s Search system API. Inside there is a small section aided by the going…”Getting more than 5000 rows”.


Just how do I have more keywords?

Now you’re most likely thinking…APwe – that is noises technical and you’re appropriate – anyone who stated technical Search Engine Optimization is lifeless really has to think again. If prospect of being put at the back of the development queue does not rather appeal to you, there are more ways to get to this data.

Getting ultimately more search inquiries utilizing resources

that is possibly the simplest & most adaptable, but it is a compensated answer. Two resources i would suggest for this are Supermetrics and Analytics Edge.


Supermetrics features numerous query methods including versions associated with the computer software that can integrate with succeed or Google Sheets. Both have actually their benefits and drawbacks.

The Excel variation is cheaper and permits access to most of the advantages of in succeed, but you’ll have to get quite technical when it comes to installing and utilizing features to question the info.

The Bing sheets variation is much more pricey, you’ll must choose the PRO variation to gain use of search question data, but you are supplied with a helpful UI to walk you through question process.


Analytics Edge is a succeed based plug-in, and varies from succeed version of Supermetrics by integrating a UI, which makes it slightly more straightforward to make use of.


UNIQUE NOTE: The querying of information exceeding 5000 rows is still relatively new and a discussion with Supermetrics suggests that there however should be some work done before it’s totally steady.


Getting ultimately more search queries using Bing Analytics

an even more interesting and free option to do that is by using Google Analytics and link it up with Research Console. Currently you could get around 5000 rows of query information daily like this but I’m sure this will be extended when the API problems are sorted, so this is the one to watch.

You’ll must be tracking your website with Bing Analytics and use exactly the same username for both Google Analytics and Research Console. Here are the measures you’ll want to follow:

1)       Verify web site ownership in search console – using the verify with Google Analytics tracking signal is the simplest
2)       connecting Bing Analytics with Search system

You will need Admin permissions to continue another part.

Click Admin after that select Property Settings.


Scroll on base and you will have an Adjust Research system option.

When you have confirmed your online properties properly, hitting this switch will ask which views you want to keep company with the Research system account.


Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to await information to populate after that navigate in Google Analytics to Acquisition – Research console – Queries.


You’ll should install the results 5000 rows at any given time if with the analytics interface.

Moving forward, this may be a trend we see more of from Bing: offering access to more granular and specialist data only if you-know-what and exactly how to access, think disavow published via API like.

Is technical SEO dead? Limited to those who aren’t technical.


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